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On Blot

I have to admit that when Joe and I have done rites like this, we weren’t THIS formal about it. These folks make a lot of steps that we didn’t use. We didn’t do what they’re calling a hammer rite; we did something else that we called the hammer rite. What we called the hammer rite was us facing the four directions, above, below, and center and invoking (in old Norse) the power of Mjolnir to hallow our space. So there’s that.

But it’s still an interesting video.

Why Be Pagan?

There are a number of reasons I prefer to explore northern European indigenous spirituality (read: “paganism” or “heathenry” – on a lot of levels, I don’t really care what you CALL it) and some of the reasons are going to be discussed in this blog post.

First off: this is MY CHOICE. That alone should be sufficient reason. I shouldn’t have to go any further than that.

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Is It Possible…

…that there IS a place for me in heathenry, mild-mannered and gentle and non-aggressive little ginger that I am?

I always thought that heathenry was for the bold and heroic. Well, yes, it is. There is a place for people who have a certain kind of physical boldness, like when  Joe steps on the tourney field. That’s one kind of boldness and bravery.

But there’s another kind…

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